Mastery 2: cryptography

In these times, with faster and faster internet access and more online services available, which on one hand make life easier for us and on the other hand they can have great risks since private banking and personal data circulate through them (just to name a few examples),  privacy becomes crucial. Since it is not known exactly where the data that we send and receive from our computer pass, it is necessary to guarantee that a third person can not know them. We must be sure that the data available on our computer or in the cloud is not accessible to others. And finally, we must know that the information we receive and send is authentic and not manipulated.

All this we can achieve thanks to cryptography.

How does it work?

Cryptography is a science that studies ways to encrypt and decrypt information. To do this, mathematical algorithms are used to transform a series of data into others that can not be understood, using a key without which the message can not be decrypted.

It is safe?

Nothing is one hundred percent sure, but if algorithms can be made increasingly stronger and more complex. Currently there are different encryption algorithms depending on what we need, for example:

The AES algorithm is based on block encryption and offers a lot of protection with a very good power / performance ratio.

The RSA algorithm, based on asymmetric encryption by private and public key blocks, is used to authenticate mail messages or files or also to offer partially public data

One-way encryption algorithms: They do not serve to encode and decode messages, their purpose is to obtain an equivalent and unique key to the original message. (for me, this is one of the most interesting because they are used in cryptocurrencies and I just like the way they are encrypted).

There will always be the possibility that our information will be compromised, we can do some things to make our information more secure as:

-access to our computer must be secure, that is, in case someone can access it and we are not interested, we must encrypt the data stored on disk

-we must take action on the configuration of our network. If we use a wireless connection, the encryption of it should be WPA or higher (recommended WPA2)

-always choose a strong password, between 8 and 10 characters using lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters.

In this course I started using lastPass and until now it has been a very useful tool to keep and manage my passwords in a secure way, I have increased the security of some of my accounts with double authentication, this has been very useful because once someone hacked my blizzard account and thanks to this they have not done it again.



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