Mastery 3: ethics

The codes of conduct go beyond pure legal regulations, since they help guide behavior in countless situations for which there is no legal reference.

In the case of the discipline of “software engineering”, the existence of a specific code of ethics is increasingly important, given the relevance that activities related to software have in our daily lives.

Much of the tasks of computer engineers are related to software, so the code of the ACM / IEEE-CS that is shown below can be very useful to guide the profession:

The Code contains eight key Principles, related to the behavior and decisions made by professional software engineers, whether they are practicing professionals, educators, managers, managers and managers, or whether they are students and students. The Principles identify the different relationships in which individuals, groups and organizations participate, and the main obligations of such relationships. The Clauses of each Principle are the image of the different levels of obligation included in those relationships. These obligations are based on the human characteristics of the software engineer, on the special care to which he is bound by the people who are affected by his work and in the peculiar elements of the practice of software engineering. The Code prescribes these requirements as obligations of anyone who identifies himself as a software engineer or aspires to be one.

In the business world, when we talk about ethics we are referring to the objective mechanisms (codes, formal documents, training programs, specific committees, consultancies, decision procedures, management systems, etc.) Through the Code of Ethics is to make effective the values ​​or ethical principles of an organization. Ethics in companies must appeal to the processes that determine the decisions and behavior of organizations.


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