Mastery 05 – Data Integrity and Management

“Data integrity” can be defined as the impossibility of someone modifying data without being discovered.  The integrity of the data is the guarantee that nobody can access the information or modify it without having the necessary authorization.

The issue of information security has been the visibility in different areas: at work, at home etc. This is mainly to prevent attacks aimed at restricting availability (for example, denial of service) and malicious software that allows a third party to manipulate data and information without authorization (for example, to steal, disclose , modify or destroy data)

Some examples when data integrity is violated:

Modification of permissions and access privileges.
Impossibility to track the use of privileged passwords, especially when it is shared.
End-user errors that affect production data.
Applications vulnerable to the introduction of hidden codes (such as backdoors).
Change control processes and accreditation deficient or not fully developed.
Failures in software configuration and security devices.

How to guarantee a greater integrity of the data?
The adoption of best practices should be complemented with the formalization of the responsibilities corresponding to the business and IT processes that support and improve the security of the data.

An article recently published in ISACA Journal presents a data governance infrastructure developed by Microsoft to guarantee privacy, confidentiality and regulatory compliance. The article analyzes the functions performed by people, processes and technology; the life cycle of the data; and the principles of privacy and confidentiality of information. It also includes links to more detailed works on trusted computing.

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