Operating system

The operating system is software, that is, a computer program, defined as the most important of those used by computers. This software coordinates and directs services and applications that the user uses. That is to say, the operative system allows that the rest of the programs work since it allows that certain connections are recognized, the security of the computer, to realize controls, shipments, etc. The most used are Windows, Linux, OS / 2 and DOS.

You will never be able to have a 100% secure system, but what you can do is put as much security as possible. When you harden a system, you’re attempting to make it bulletproof. Ideally, you want to be able to leave it exposed to the general public on the Internet without any other form of protection.

Hardening activities for a computer system can include:

  • Keeping security patches and hot fixes updated
  • Monitoring security bulletins that are applicable to a system’s operating system and applications
  • Installing a firewall
  • Closing certain ports such as server ports
  • Not allowing file sharing among programs
  • Installing virus and spyware protection, including an anti-adware tool so that malicious software cannot gain access to the computer on which it is installed
  • Keeping a backup, such as a hard drive, of the computer system
  • Disabling cookies
  • Creating strong passwords

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