Week 4

This week I was in charge of creating/helping for the database models. Victor created the user, station and Bike structure. I suggested to add a Trip structure because I thought it would be helpful to know the way a Bike took through time, otherwise we would only know its final station and for the predictive analysis the trip would say a lot of useful information.

I did this comment on the pull request:

Screenshot from 2019-02-09 19-56-36

Then I created the structure for the Trip model

Screenshot from 2019-02-09 23-37-46

As it was necessary to know where the bikes end at the end of the day and separate them into groups, the trip model helps perfectly in this.

For the database I suggested using a nosql since we are not going to have so many relations and I saw it easier, victor told me to use redis.

I created a CRUD for the trip model.

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