Week 10

Ana starts with an introduction to her blog with which I feel identified on occasion. Like the impostor syndrome. I think that as a woman, it is more difficult to overcome these issues because in the technology industry we are still very few (Sometimes all we just needed was to  talk with a girl and not a boy) and having support from your own gender helps a lot. I understand when she says that she feels insecure when she publishes things that she wants to share with others because of the fear that she thinks that the “content is not good enough”.
The truth is that I think two things that are important that lead to this, and that in my experience I have had.
FIRST:  you feel that way because the people you live with or see around you sometimes makes you feel that way, especially schoolmates. For better or for worse they can influence how you feel about yourself and what you think you can do, I have seen it with schoolmates, in their attempt to believe themselves the god of programming makes others feel trash when they ask for something they do not know, when they ask for help in a task that they do not understand and make them feel as if they were useless, then they start thinking like “I am not worthy, I should not be even trying” .


The first reason in fact makes you do nothing and not wanting to ask or share anything with anyone.

Ana talks about that she managed to overcome this issue when she learned that she was not alone, that she was not the only one who felt this way and began to include herself in activities where she could share her experiences and meet people of great support.

In my personal experience and the one that helped me the most was simply not taking into account opinions of people that are not important to you, how to do this? identifying those who are looking to help you not to drag you down, accept that you will not be liked by everyone, and that it should not be your priority.  That at the end of the day, the important thing is what you think about yourself and that you are valuable no matter what.

And always to remember that it is worth trying! even though you think you will not be successful, you never know how far you can get 🙂

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