week 12

Woaaa this post was so interesting! maybe because I like  “conspiracy” things.

To understand why this whole thing is so important I did a little research on how surveilliance affects people behavior.

“The fact that you won’t do things, that you will self-censor, are the worst effects of pervasive surveillance”. The idea is that if you don’t know where the line is, and the penalty for crossing it is severe, you will stay far away from it. Basic human conditioning.” The effectiveness of surveillance at preventing crime or terrorism can be debated, but “if your goal is to control a population, mass surveillance is awesome.” – security expert Bruce Schneier

Rings a bell? These are things that can currently be seen in the governments of China or North Korea and the united states is not far from this reality.

The increased interconnectivity of the world we are living in has led to a level of vulnerability that we don’t truly understand. It’s a challenge to get people to adopt safe habits, but it’s not impossible. We need to change users’ culture, and design secure systems that are under the control of end users, not single companies. Privacy can’t be achieve without security.

What Ms Boundaoui did, exposing these things that the FBI did and will continue to do is what all people should have the courage to do, to want this type of super vigilance to be minimized to the point that there is no more.

Start talking about it is just the beginning, see these things with normality is what people need to see and believe so that more and more people will dare to challenge the “rules” and that if there are unpleasant consequences know that THEY ARE NOT ALONE.

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