Data Leak

The text is a little scary compared to the previous ones, basically it is “no matter what you do, there will be a way to track you”, you literally need to use NOTHING of technology to not be tracked, And as I said before, maybe you can not avoid it but giving your information as little as possible is the best option at the moment.

Although I have also come to think, it may be inevitable to use technology or anything from which they can extract our data but, What if those data were unusable? I mean, to make our data as trash as possible so that whatever they take out of us, they can not know what is true and what is not, if I like a religion page also like an atheism page, if I  like  vegetarian food also like meat food, with all this contradictory information what they could say about me? Maybe it would be interesting to have something that helps you on what you should do (as the examples before) so that if they are going to get your information, it should be as generic as possible to the point that it has not significant meaning.

Keep your information safe!

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