Final review

Different subjects related to Smart Citizens were taken throughout the course, from data privacy to create awareness of how we … More

Data Leak

The text is a little scary compared to the previous ones, basically it is “no matter what you do, there … More

week 12

Woaaa this post was so interesting! maybe because I like  “conspiracy” things. To understand why this whole thing is so … More

Week 11: internet freedom

The Internet has revolutionized many areas in a radical way, especially communications to the point of becoming a global channel … More

Week 10

Ana starts with an introduction to her blog with which I feel identified on occasion. Like the impostor syndrome. I … More

week9 is a blog that talks about how technology impacts our lives and that more and more impressive things are … More


We’ve all heard it said that when a product is apparently free, it’s likely that we’re actually paying for it … More

week 7

Update of the project:  I added a zone model and an endpoint. I think we are doing well on the … More


This post will be more about smart citizens. The other day I thought about the class where we saw how … More

Week 4

This week I was in charge of creating/helping for the database models. Victor created the user, station and Bike structure. … More