This post will be more about smart citizens.

The other day I thought about the class where we saw how someone cut out of his life the big fives. Seeing how everything depends on them and that they know everything we do to the point that if they wanted to, they could control us as they wanted (partly they already do, but completely everything is surely what they want to achieve)

So I decided that this week I was going to pay more attention to my data management on the internet. I hadn’t thought about it for different reasons, but I had to create accounts on different pages for example, as to download subtitles for an anime that I’m watching or to enter overleaf and finish my compilers task among others. I always had the option to register with Google, Facebook or Twitter and I realized that I ALWAYS use that option since it is the easiest. But I started not to do it, I think that although it may not be much but from now on I will do my best not to give them every part of my life because who knows in the future such insignificant things become significant.

I realized the amount of information that I give day by day and this was only in a week.It is understandable why all this information is required to provide a better service, however we should all know how and when we give our information. It is incredible to think about the possibilities that these big companies have with all the information and at the same time terrifying. I think the best thing we can do is simply make people aware and get more and more people to care about their data.


So by start I recommend to remove your information from google. I followed this guide:



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