shouldthisexist.com is a blog that talks about how technology impacts our lives and that more and more impressive things are being created.

We have always seen what it would be like in the future in movies. We imagine in the year 2050 flying cars, chips all over the body or even teleporting us in a matter of seconds to the other side of the world. Could these ideas be real ?

What is clear is that technology has occupied a vital gap in our existence.

On the subject of war, to think that a few decades from now wars will cease is absurd. Governments use a lot of money every year to develop new weapons where technology is the backbone. Although the vast majority of these investigations are secret, it is known that there are real time missile detectors capable of intercepting and destroying them without compromising a single human life. The use of drones will evolve more and more and we will be able to build more powerful and imperceptible weapons. Without a doubt, the world of war will be one of the most developed thanks to technology.

But the issue that intrigues me the most is what will happen with virtual reality. Virtual reality will generate a revolution in how we travel, learn and live together. Knowing that it is possible that if you wear a helmet or glasses it takes you to a virtual world is awesome! obviously it is a long way from this to be a complete experience but it looks very promising and it is what most excites me.

I imagine that facial recognition technology could be a biometric registration standard. We will be able to pay and do paperwork showing the face to a camera instead of signing or entering a password. But it will also allow unprecedented state surveillance – as is already the case in China – with serious implications for privacy (as I have talked before in previous posts)

The constant evolution is something that we can not stop, it would be against ourselves if we did not want to progress, I just hope that this does not lead to total destruction and that more radical changes will come out for better



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